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Increase Your Bottom Line

Our proven credit restoration system assists Loan Officers, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Agents, and financial institutions to close many of the declined loans that would have otherwise walked away.

Credit Recovery Group will provide FREE enrollment

  • Lead Capture Page
  • Back Office Login
  • Client and Commission Tracking
  • Online Marketing Materials
  • Assigned Account Representatives
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Broker’s Key Benefits

  • Attract new and retain existing customers
  • Help consumers take back their good credit
  • Increase consumer Rights Awareness
  • Declined loans will be approved

If you would like to move forward with the Broker Program, please feel free to contact us to request an online account and assign you a username, password, and capture lead page.

We appreciate the opportunity to present our Broker Program and service information to you. If you have required additional information contact us by email or phone Monday thru Friday.


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Our Process

Learn how our process works from enrollment to credit recovery — click here.

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Credit Recovery Group

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