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Credit Recovery Group
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Corporate Services

Improve your employee’s financial life!

Employees Retention

Maintaining the key employee’s in your company is an asset and investment that you should take care of! By improving your employee’s financial stability they will be able to have better performance, be more efficient, and have constant motivation to be focused at work.

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Employees Credit Education:

Renew Your Credit

Restoring your credit will grant you many opportunities to obtain whatever you wish! You can meet your financial and personal goals by improving your credit score.


Easy Approval

If you improve your credit score you can qualify for the best financial programs, have lower interest rates, refinance your home, obtain new loans and services and have a better work position.


Maintain your Credit

Credit Recovery Group, LLC will not only work on correcting information on your credit report, but have the greatest intentions to make you a better borrower, so that in the long run, you can manage your own credit without having the risk of getting back poor credit.


Proven Results

Read testimonials from many of our satisfied customers and see examples — click here.

Restore Your Credit Today

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Our Process

Learn how our process works from enrollment to credit recovery — click here.

Build your credit - open a secure credit card!

Become an Affiliate

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Open a secure credit card!Get a free, no obligation credit analysis today!
Credit Recovery Group

8323 Southwest Freeway, Suite 708
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Phone 832-595-2526
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